b. 1986, HK.


It is hard for me to define myself.

I see it like this. Long time ago I was introduced to a digital SLR by my friend. I remember that time thinking why this thing cannot shoot through display?! As the time went on, I was borrowing his camera more and more, shooting anything I found interesting around me (mostly just bugs). It didn’t take long to convince my parents to get me my own camera. I still remember my first tiny plastic Canon 350D with a kit lens. That was the camera that started it all.

Through my time I have been experimenting with many different types of photography. At the beginning I was focusing on macro, later on on portraits and even shot two weddings. For the longest time I was focused on nature and landscapes. When I moved to Prague I also tasted the street photography as in my village there weren’t that many opportunities to do so. There was also a long time for me when I was experimenting with video. It started just as interest, went through shooting short films with my friends to making it kinda a small business with making dance videos. However, that didn’t really last.

Lately I have been traped by wanderlust so I started to explore more than just my country which brought me here. I don’t think I’m a photojournalist, landscape or portrait photorapher, or even a travel photographer. I’m somewhere in between all of those and yet none of them.

The purpose of this website is to tell my stories and those who I met along my journey through life.